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ADST 304/F1: Substance Use and Abuse (Henry Singleton - 11/23/2014)
ADST 327/F1: Social and Political Issues of Addiction (Henry Singleton - 11/23/2014)
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ALL JANUARY 2015 Graduate Class Schedules (ALL - 11/08/2014)
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ALL JANUARY 2015 Undergraduate Class Schedule (ALL - 11/20/2014)
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CYDL 185/F1: Adolescent Development in Context (James Martin - 11/23/2014)
CYDL 210/F1: Alternative Theories in Youth Development (Michael Brown - 11/23/2014)
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ECED 310/F1: Foundations of Early Childhood Education (James Martin - 11/23/2014)
ECED 325/F1: Ethical and Professional Standards Early Childhood Education (Amanda Cooper - 11/14/2014)
ECED 410/F1: Early Childhood Education Classroom Management (Mary Nicholas - 11/23/2014)
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HUSB 119/F1: Communication Skills I (Larry Hamm - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 119/F2: Communication Skills I (Benisha Jackson - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 121/F1: The Study of Theatre and Drama (Arthur McKay - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 124/F1: Web Design (Polly Bateman - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 129/F1: Spreadsheet (Terry Large - 11/22/2014)
HUSB 138/F1: Critical Thinking through Literature (Susan Biszewski-Eber - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 147/F1: Advanced College Level Academic Skills (Robert Miller - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 155/F1: Yoga (Crystal Brown - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 166/F1: Music and Empowerment (Arthur McKay - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 205/F1: Financial Management of HS Agencies (Kelly De Freitas - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 233/F1: Communication Skills II (Harriet Blymiller - 11/21/2014)
HUSB 236/F1: Human Growth and Development (Jeanette Taft - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 238/F1: Data Systems for Human Services (Ojesh Upadhyay - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 254/F1: Contemporary Issues in Human Biology (Jeanette Taft - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 255/F1: Transformational Alternatives: The Complexities of Ethical Actions (G'han Singh - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 265/F1: Writing for Human Services (Susan Biszewski-Eber - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 301/F2: Core I (Hilda Spotts - 11/21/2014)
HUSB 302/F1: Core II (Ralph Davila - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 303/F1: Core III (Dexter Johnson - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 304/F1: A Critical Overview of Human Services (Ralph Davila - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 304/F2: A Critical Overview of Human Services (Anthony Gonzalez - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 305/F1: Issues in Research (Norene Copeland Miller - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 305/F2: Issues in Research (Ojesh Upadhyay - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 307/F1: Human Services Portfolio Developmemt (Ram Upadhyay - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 307/F2: Human Services Portfolio Developmemt (Virgil Perry - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 338/F1: Human Sexuality (G'han Singh - 11/14/2014)
HUSB 360/F1: Fitness and Wellness I (Christopher Ward - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 361/F1: Fitness and Wellness II (Christopher Ward - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 362/F1: Fitness and Wellness III (Nydia Davila - 11/23/2014)
HUSB 365/F1: Gambling as an Addiction (Terese Rebosio - 11/18/2014)
HUSB 416/F1: Senior Seminar (Michael Cooper - 11/23/2014)
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HUSB/ADST/ECED/CYDL 330/F1: Group Project I (Linda LaComb-Williams - 11/23/2014)
HUSB/ADST/ECED/CYDL 330/F2: Group Project I (Rafael Fuentes - 11/23/2014)
HUSB/ADST/ECED/CYDL 331/F1: Group Project II (Heather Martin - 11/23/2014)
HUSB/ADST/ECED/CYDL 331/F2: Group Project II (Rafael Fuentes - 11/23/2014)
HUSB/ADST/ECED/CYDL 332/F1: Group Project III (Linda LaComb-Williams - 11/23/2014)
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MCCP 625/F2: Leadership A Lifelong Journey (Jeanette Taft - 11/14/2014)
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MMHC 627/F1: Human Growth and Development (Terese Orsino - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 629/F1: Counseling Skills and Modalities (Mary Walker - 11/07/2014)
MMHC 630/F1: Group Counseling Skills (Jeffrey Smialek - 11/08/2014)
MMHC 635/F1: Marriage Family and Couples Counseling (Mary Walker - 11/07/2014)
MMHC 637/F1: Psychological Testing and Assessment (Carmine Pecoraro - 11/07/2014)
MMHC 639/F1: Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment (Terese Rebosio - 11/11/2014)
MMHC 641/F1: Human Sexuality (Mary Walker - 11/07/2014)
MMHC 643/F1: Career Development Theory and Practice (Gerald Thomas - 11/11/2014)
MMHC 644/F1: Counseling in Community Settings (Mary Garcia - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 647/F1: Counseling Theories (Damon Dye - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 648/F1: Multicultural and Diversity Counseling (Mary Garcia - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 681/F1: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum/Internship I (Carmine Pecoraro - 11/07/2014)
MMHC 682/F1: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship II (Daniel VanBomel - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 683/F1: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship III (Daniel VanBomel - 11/14/2014)
MMHC 684/F1: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship IV (Carmine Pecoraro - 11/07/2014)
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MOML 602/F1: Graduate Project II (Arlinda Quiñones - 11/23/2014)
MOML 602/F1: Graduate Project II (Denise Jamieson - 11/23/2014)
MOML 603/F1: Graduate Project III (Henry Singleton - 11/23/2014)
MOML 604/F1: Graduate Project IV (Richard Dávila - 11/14/2014)
MOML 626/F1: Economics and Social Change (Michael Brown - 11/23/2014)
MOML 657/F1: Strategic Planning (Jeanette Taft - 11/18/2014)
MOML 659/F1: Fiscal Management (Jeanette Taft - 11/18/2014)
MOML 661/F1: Organizational Change and Development (Terrance Macho - 11/18/2014)
MOML 662/F1: Staffing Supervision and Human Resource Management (Michal Galer - 11/18/2014)
MOML 667/F1: Program Evaluation (Terrance Macho - 11/18/2014)
MOML 668/F1: Ethical Competence (Michal Galer - 11/21/2014)
MOML 669/F1: Board Development (Denise Jamieson - 11/23/2014)
MOML 678/F1: Advocacy and Policy Analysis (Jackie Griffin - 11/18/2014)
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MOML/MCCP 625/F1: Leadership A Lifelong Journey (Arlinda Quiñones - 11/23/2014)