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SHSThe School of Human Services Syllabi Database is an electronic filing cabinet that stores reference documents for the Springfield College SHS student group.

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A L L Graduate Schedule September 2014 (A L L - 07/21/2014)
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A L L Undergraduate Schedule September 2014 (A L L - 07/24/2014)
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ECED 320 Children with Special Needs (Jessica Sugrue - 07/01/2014)
ECED 325 Ethical & Professional Standards in ECE (Jessica Sugrue - 07/01/2014)
ECED 450 Assessment & Documentation in ECE (Jessica Sugrue - 07/01/2014)
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HUSB 166 Music and Empowerment (Samuel Martinborough - 07/17/2014)
HUSB 220 Ecology (Marie Polichronopoulos - 07/15/2014)
HUSB 238 Data Systems for Human Services (Thomas Conomacos - 07/17/2014)
HUSB 301 Integrative Core Seminar I (Amelia Mallona - 07/17/2014)
HUSB 302 Core II (Kate McGovern - 07/22/2014)
HUSB 304 A Critical Overview of Human Services (Amelia Mallona - 07/17/2014)
HUSB 330 Group Project I (Amelia Mallona - 07/17/2014)
HUSB 339 Holistic Health (Mark Jewell - 07/15/2014)
HUSB 451 Grantwriting (Gail Bartlett - 07/17/2014)
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MMHC 627 Human Growth and Development (Amelia Mallona - 07/17/2014)
MMHC 635 Marriage.Family.Couples Counseling (Ed Mahoney - 07/23/2014)
MMHC 641 Human Sexuality (Penny Sampson - 07/17/2014)
MMHC 683 Internship III (Ed Mahoney - 07/23/2014)
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MOML 603 Grad Project III (Dennis Martino - 07/01/2014)
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MOML/MCCP 625 Leadership: A Lifelong Journey (Dennis Martino - 07/01/2014)
MOML/MCCP 628 Building Multicultural Communities (Shelley Errington Nicholas - 07/17/2014)