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SHSThe School of Human Services Syllabi Database is an electronic filing cabinet that stores reference documents for the Springfield College SHS student group.

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ALL Graduate Schedule Summer 2014 (ALL - 04/10/2014)
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ALL Undergraduate Schedule Summer 2014 (ALL - 04/05/2014)
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ECED 340 H1 Diversity and Multicultural Perspectives in Early Childhood Education (Janis Brunner - 03/18/2014)
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HUSB 107 H1 Ethical Decision Making in Human Services (Bernadette Drayden - 04/10/2014)
HUSB 121 H1 The Study of Theater and Drama in Expressing Social Change and Social Justice (Donna Bishop - 04/02/2014)
HUSB 140 H1 Theories of Counseling (Marcia Baker - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 151 H1 Mathematical Inquiry (Gustie Houston - 04/05/2014)
HUSB 155 H1 Yoga (Shaleen Miller - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 233 H1 Communications Skills II (Jo Nell Yarbrough - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 238 H1 Data System for Human Services (Michael Hagan - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 254 H1 Human Biology (Rosa Semien - 03/27/2014)
HUSB 301 H1 Integrative Core I Education Oppression and Resistance (Carla Brailey - 04/15/2014)
HUSB 302 H1 Integrative Core Seminar II Global Economy Culture and Comminity (Sheldon Stovall - 04/15/2014)
HUSB 303 H1 Integrative Core Seminar III Social Transformation and Alternative Visions (Carla Brailey - 04/08/2014)
HUSB 304 H1 Core IV Overview of Human Services (Joel Levine - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 305 H1 Issues in Research (Carla Brailey - 04/08/2014)
HUSB 318 H1 Cross Culture Perspective in Human Services (Nathaniel Dixon - 04/15/2014)
HUSB 331 H1 Group Project II (Leonard Nelson - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 332 H1 Group Project III (Sandra Coyne - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 350 H1 Race Religion and Culture (Carla Brailey - 04/08/2014)
HUSB 360 H1 Fitness Wellness I (Shaleen Miller - 03/18/2014)
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MOML 602 H1 Graduate Project II (Paula Criel - 04/16/2014)
MOML 603 H1 Graudate Project III (Nadira Charaniya - 04/16/2014)
MOML 604 H1 Graduate Project IV (Marcia Baker - 03/12/2014)
MOML 626 H1 Economics and Social Change (Annette Ollsen - 04/05/2014)
MOML 628 H1 Building Multicultural Communities & Organziations (Noel Pinnock - 04/01/2014)
MOML 661 H1 Organizational Change and Development (Dana Smith - 04/16/2014)
MOML 677 H1 Marketing & Public Relations for Nonprofits (Michael Hagan - 04/16/2014)