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SHSThe School of Human Services Syllabi Database is an electronic filing cabinet that stores reference documents for the Springfield College SHS student group.

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A L L MAY GRADUATE (ALL - 02/20/2014)
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ECED 325 C1 Ethical and Professional Standards for ECE (K. White - 04/09/2014)
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HUSB 109 C1 Group Techniques and Analysis (D. Chatman - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 118 C1 Oral Communications (G. Hacker - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 119 C1 Communication Skills I (K. Ackerman - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 122 C1 Introduction to Counseling (T. LaRoche - 03/14/2014)
HUSB 147 C1 Advanced College Level Skills (P. Childress-Altman - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 222 C1 Exploring Womens Issues Through Literature (R. Freedman - 03/19/2014)
HUSB 254 C1 Contemporary Issues in Human Services (K. Greene - 03/19/2014)
HUSB 301 C1 CORE I: Education Oppression and Resistance (G. Blake - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 302 C1 CORE II: Poitical Economy and Human Services (W. Stewart - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 303 C1 CORE III: Social Transformations and Alternative Visions (A. Anderson - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 305 C1 Issues and Research (J. Backman - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 350 C1 Race Religion and Culture (J. Gregg - 03/18/2014)
HUSB 360 C1 Fitness and Wellness (T. Hawkins - 03/12/2014)
HUSB 416 C1 Senior Seminar (E. Smalls - 04/09/2014)
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HUSB/ECED/ADST 330 C1 Community Development and Change: Group Project I (C. Harris - 03/12/2014)
HUSB/ECED/ADST 331 C1 Community Development and Change: Group Project II (W.McDaniels - 03/16/2014)
HUSB/ECED/ADST 332 C1 Community Development and Change: Group Project III (W. Stewart - 03/12/2014)
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MCCP 627 C1 Human Nature Human Development Human Assessment (D. Hann-Morrison - 03/12/2014)
MCCP 639 C1 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (D. Hann-Morrison - 03/12/2014)
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MOML 661 C1 Organizational Development and Change (J. Ray - 03/12/2014)
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MOML/MCCP 601 C1 Graduate Project I (A.Anderson - 03/20/2014)
MOML/MCCP 602 C1 Graduate Project II (M. Johnson - 03/12/2014)
MOML/MCCP 603 C1 Graduate Project III (J. Murrell - 03/16/2014)
MOML/MCCP 604 C1 Graduate Project IV (N. Rogers-Tolbert - 03/20/2014)
MOML/MCCP 625 C1 Leadership: A Journey (S. Lloyd - 03/12/2014)
MOML/MCCP 628 C1 Building Multicultural Communities and Organizations (J. Murrell - 03/12/2014)
MOML/MCCP 672 C1 Clinical Issues in Criminal Justice (R. Williams - 03/12/2014)
MOML/MCCP 675 C1 Grant Writing (J. Ray - 03/16/2014)