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"Humanics" is a word that has special meaning in the history and philosophy of Springfield College. As Seth Arsenian, Distinguished Professor of Humanics, wrote:

To build men, one must know man. Out of this conviction there developed the concept of Humanics - a set of ideas, values, and goals which through several metamorphoses became the accepted philosophy of education at Springfield College. It is because of this philosophy that the College believes itself to be distinct and different from other colleges. It is around this philosophy that the college administration, faculty, students, and alumni join in a cooperative effort to move toward commonly sought goals. It is by focusing on this philosophy that there develops on its campus a college community which, in open communication, makes communion and commitment possible.

For many years, distinguished faculty members at Springfield College have lectured about the humanics philosophy. The following Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file presents many different facets of this important philosophy. You will need the Acrobat Reader to read these files.

Humanics Philosophy of Springfield College

Humanics Lectures and Writings

A small college sabbatical proposal in the mid sixties included a plan to visit thirty colleges and pose to administrators and faculty the question,"What is the educational philosophy of this institution"? The proposal was approved, the sabbatical granted, the colleges visited, and the question asked Results were of two types. Most personnel were unable to encapsulate any philosophy represented by the college which employed them. They responded with vague mention of dedication to excellence, preparation for graduate work, and teaching people to think. Those few who were able to give a philosophy which held together in some logical way appeared, to judge by conflicting responses of others in the same college,to be enunciating their personal philosophies without regard to consensus within the institution.

The following essays comprise part of an effort by administration and faculty of one college to stay honest with relation to the established philosophy of that college, humanics.

The first Distinguished Professor of Humanics was Dr. Seth Arsenian. His appointment was for the expressed purpose of catalyzing a renewal of consciousness of philosophy of humanics. This would be followed up by continuous examination of the implications of pedagogy, for curriculum, for management, for recruitment, and for placement and community impact. For this reason Dr. Arsenian in 1967 first addressed the faculty with; The Meaning of Humanics. It was the first of what became a series of attempts by various faculty to report out to their peers what they had been acting out, they believed, for years,namely,man internalized version of a philosophy of humanics.

Taken from "Humanics; Inside Out in Writing", Paul U Congdon, editor Copyright 1978 by Springfield College

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