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Listed below are some scrapbooks that have been donated to the Archives. Many of the linked pages are under construction.

Everett C. Cunningham, Class of 1909

John S. Nelson, Class of 1914

Louis F. Laun Class of 1915

Julius Kuhnert, Class of 1916

Ralph Tichenor, Class of 1917

Charles Branin, Class of 1918

Harry S. Lyon, Class of 1919

Edwin S. Zeigler, Class of 1921

Leon Huston, Class of 1922

Charles Paul, Class of 1922

Roland Macomber, Class of 1922

Denchi Takeuche, Class of 1924

George Wheeler, Class of 1924

Warren Balentine, Class of 1925

Robert Lee Brown, Class of 1925

William Henry Pendleton, Class of 1928

John Reed Wehrle, Class of 1928

Bill Footrick, Class of 1932

Harold L. Stanford, Class of 1933

Edwin W. Greene, Class of 1935

Jack R. Penfold, Class of 1939

John W. Augustine, Class of 1940

Vincent "Bud" Schuman, Class of 1942

John R Sharpe, Class of 1955

Florence L. Pearson, Class of 1957

James Pollock, Class of 1957

Leanne Wicks, Class of 1967

Julian S. Koszalka, Class of 1970

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