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Rare Books & Special Collections

Rare Book Collection

Selected journals and rare books on the YMCA, physical education, sport, camping, recreation, and youth/community work are located in the Archives and may be found by using Voyager.

Joseph E. Marks III Dance Collection

Comprised of books as well as manuscripts, photographs, and scrapbooks, this collection documents the history of dance. Particularly important are documents relating to Ted Shawn, an accomplished dancer and choreographer, and early records of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Shawn’s dance studio in the Berkshires. Marks was a Springfield College alumnus (MS, 1951) and dancer with Ted Shawn, who taught dance at the College in the spring of 1933.

Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations may be found as part of our Digital Collections or using Voyager. Patrons should note that Voyager searches may be limited to just SC theses and dissertations by clicking in the "Quick Limit" box on the main search screen of Voyager. Also, there is often a copy of these and dissertations located at the library as well as a copy at the Archives.

Digital Library Collections

Calisthenic Exercises (1852)
by [Miss Titcomb]

Muscle Building: Practical Points for Practical People (1905)
by Luther H. Gulick

The Healthful Art of Dancing
by Luther H. Gulick

Rules for Basket Ball (1892) by James Naismith

Basket Ball Rules for 1893 by James Naismith

Basket Ball (1894) by James Naismith and Luther Gulick

History, Use, Effects, and Limitations of Basket Ball (1898): a Springfield College thesis by Thomas J. Browne - Copy 1, Copy 2, and the Spalding Basket ball Rules Version

Physical Training Conference Program (1899)

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