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The mission of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies is to educate leaders in spirit, mind and body to serve humanity. Built on the College's proud tradition of Humanics and academic excellence, the School strives to produce leading professionals, responsible citizens, and dedicated public servants.

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Biology / Chemistry

biology/chemistryThe Biology/Chemistry Department offers study of the basic biological, biochemical, health, and environmental sciences. Our program leads students to graduate schools, or careers in laboratory sciences in hospitals, government, or industry. Learn more.


Education Departmnet at Springfield CollegeExcellence is the foundation of Springfield College's undergraduate and graduate programs in education. Whether your teaching destination is AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, or the local elementary school, this program is where to get your start. Learn more.


Humanities Program at Springfield CollegeOur graduates cover sports for daily newspapers. They work for magazines. They teach and share their love of the written word in elementary schools and colleges. They work at television and radio stations. Our program lets students find the job of their dreams. Learn more.

Business Administration

Management and EconomicsWhether you wind up leading a Fortune 500 company, or as an entrepreneur running a start-up from your kitchen table, in charge of the most innovative health care service ever seen, the Business Administration Department at Springfield College is a great place to begin. Learn more.

Math, Physics, and Computer Science

Math and Computer Science at Springfield CollegeStudents in our program receive hands-on experience and personal attention from their professors. Students learn the latest theories and applications and are offered "real world" work experiences at local companies, agencies, and health care sites. Our graduates are better prepared to find rewarding careers in Math and Computer Sciences. Learn more.


PsychologySpringfield College remains in the forefront of psychology education by providing faculty who are broadly trained, practically experienced professionals, and are well-prepared and eager to work with their students. Our program prepares students for ever-growing career opportunities. Learn more.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences The Department of Social Sciences fully encompasses Springfield College's Humanics philosophy—the idea that spirit, mind, and body are vital and interconnected aspects of every human being. Students from our program have careers in nonprofit organizations, politics, community development, law enforcement, court, corrections, and social justice. Learn more.

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts As an integral part of the college, the Visual and Performing Arts Department affords all students the opportunity to develop a broad and balanced educational experience in which the arts are valued as an essential part of living and learning. Our curriculum teaches the skills essential for professional competence, and sensitizes students to world cultures and the aesthetic needs of people. Learn more.
Anne Herzog, Ph.D.
Anne Herzog, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies

Thank you for your interest in the Springfield College School of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies. Within our school are eight departments dedicated to teaching and learning across a wide range of the traditional liberal arts disciplines, as well as a number of professional studies programs. Each department offers a choice of both majors and minors for concentrated study. What unites all of our offerings is our collective dedication to Springfield College’s guiding mission. Read more.

    Anne Herzog, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Arts, Sciences & Professional Studies
    Phone: 413.748.3713

Springfield College Offers MBA Program

Springfield College now offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with concentrations in nonprofit organization management and business management.

Dual-Degree Program: B.S./M.S.W.

SpringfieldCollege social sciences students majoring insocialwork-related fieldswho wish to pursue a master of social work degree are eligible for a five-year dual degree program. Learn more.

Springfield College Announces the Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology Program

The Psy.D. program offers concentrations in Athletic Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Graduates apply well-developed counseling skills in diverse settings, including the mental health, athletic, forensic, educational, business, and research fields. Learn more about the Psy.D. program.
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