Click here if you are not redirected. Students who have identified Applied Exercise Science as a major program of study will be preparing to enter an exciting field that offers a wide range of professional opportunities and rapid industry-wide growth. The Springfield College Applied Exercise Science major gives students the opportunity to choose from three areas of specialization:
Students specializing in any one of these three unique areas enhance their knowledge within the field and receive real-world experience through a wide range of internship experiences. Upon graduation, they are sought-after candidates for professional positions within the fast-growing health and wellness industry.

Springfield College’s Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in professional preparation. Our graduates work in all areas of the health and wellness industry: hospitals and offices of health practitioners, fitness and recreation sports centers, spas and wellness centers, corporations and YMCAs, collegiate and professional sports, and more.

For more information about the exercise science and sport studies department, contact Dr. Tracey Dexter Matthews at 413-748-3397 or the office of undergraduate admissions at (413) 748-3136.