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Categories of Presentations

Analytical Poster
Projects entered into this category should present and evaluate information and various viewpoints that exist on a particular topic. Works may include historical or philosophical reviews, academic papers, or research synthesis. Assessment Rubric

Descriptive Poster
Items submitted in this category should include studies that seek to describe the data or characteristics of a particular population or phenomenon. Methods involved may include a questionnaire, normative survey, interview, or case study. Assessment Rubric

Experimental Poster
Scholarly work entered into this category should include projects that manipulate a treatment in attempt to establish a cause and effect relationship. For example, the project may include the identification of an outcome of interest (blood pressure), and the measurement of that variable before and after (baseline and week 4) a treatment (resistance training) and control situation (no exercise). Assessment Rubric

Conference Paper
Conference papers are an opportunity for students to enter the discourse in a particular field or about a focused topic by conducting research and responding to primary and secondary sources. Papers can trace connections, present interpretive arguments, or shed new light on a topic in a discipline. Assessment Rubric

Pieces submitted in this category may include drawings, paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics, or crafts. Artwork will be evaluated on originality, craftsmanship, design quality, communication of intent, and presentation. Assessment Rubric

Literary Reading
Readings in this category include newspaper articles, poetry, or fiction that has been published in the Alden Street Review, Springfield College Newspaper, Pride Sports, or other publications.

A showcase of your professional strengths in a particular discipline. Portfolios will be evaluated on organization, content, and professional presentation. Assessment Rubric

Multimedia Presentation
Projects entered into this category should incorporate a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video and/or interactivty content forms. The various formats should be intended to enhance the audience experience and understanding of the project (e.g. to make it easier and faster to convey information). Assessment Rubric

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