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The mission of Springfield College is to educate students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. As AmeriCorps members in the Springfield College Student Success Corps, students live and share this mission, engaging in service that meets the critical educational needs of Springfield youth.

AmeriCorps members are recruited to serve in various capacities. Members serve in Springfield pre-schools, middle schools, and high schools, where they facilitate interventions and identify resources that target risk factors for dropping out, including poor early literacy skills, low attendance, behavioral problems, and course failure in English and math. Members also serve as school volunteer coordinators in an effort to recruit college and community volunteers to get involved in service in the Springfield Public Schools.

Undergraduate and graduate students can apply for part-time (900 hours) or quarter-time (450 hours) positions and are placed based on their academic program, prior experiences, and skills. Members also receive extensive training and support from the AmeriCorps staff and from experts in education and health, resulting in an enriched educational experience and a lifelong commitment to community engagement. Service positions include: