Click here if you are not redirected. Fellowships. Most universities award fellowships based on merit and department recommendations. Fellowships usually cover tuition and provide a stipend.

Assistantships. These are usually sponsored by the institution. Deadlines for applying for assistantships are often earlier than for normal admission. Assistantships provide full or partial tuition and, sometimes, a stipend. Teaching assistantships involve teaching undergraduate courses, grading papers/exams, monitoring labs, etc. These are an excellent way for grad students to gain experience in their field of study.

Research Assistantships are available in the sciences. Students receive tuition benefits for working with faculty on their research projects.

Loans. Federal financial aid is available through: To apply for all of these, students must complete a FAFSA form.

Each university can provide information about additional sources of financial aid. Students should contact the financial aid offices of the universities they apply to learn about what is available and when the deadlines are for submitting forms.

Internet Resources:

FinAid/Loan & Loan Forginess