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Canyon Ranch

Within the fields of health promotion, wellness and exercise science is one of the fastest growing areas of interest for both consumers and practitioners is Alternative and Complimentary Wellness. The Spa and Wellness Management Concentration has been developed to prepare graduates for entry-level careers in the Spa Industry which has been very successful in integrating Alternative and Complimentary Wellness into their programming.

Many of the positions in the Spa Industry require skills in the business and management areas as well as the applied exercise sciences. This concentration is an interdisciplinary program which integrates coursework and field based experiences in the Exercise Sciences, Sport Management and Management and Economics areas. Students who choose and achieve in completing this concentration will be well prepared for an entry-level career in the rapidly expanding Spa Industry.

Concentration (18sh):
In addition to the coursework it is expected that the student will complete their “Capstone” minimum 450 hour Internship at a facility which utilizes and integrates Alternative and Complimentary Wellness theory, strategies, and techniques into their programming.