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Evaluation Criteria & Awards

Members of the Springfield College faculty and administration will be selected to assess each presentation. Awards will be given to the top presentation and to the runner-up in each of seven categories (Literary Readings will not be evaluated).

Please select a category below to view a more detailed description and its evaluation criteria:

  • Analytical Poster (historical, philosophical, review, academic paper, research synthesis)
  • Descriptive Poster (questionnaire, interview, qualitative, normative survey, case study)
  • Experimental Poster (manipulation of treatment in attempt to establish a cause and effect relationship)
  • Conference Paper (analytical argument, academic paper, research synthesis)
  • Artwork (drawings, paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics, crafts)
  • Literary Reading (from published poetry, fiction, and newspaper articles)
  • Portfolio (showcase of your professional strengths in a particular discipline)
  • Multimedia Presentation (combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and/or interactivity

*Note: If you have difficulty deciding which category to select, please seek advice from your faculty sponsor.

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