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Highlights from SIA 2011

2011 Award Winners

Descriptive Research Poster
Vieser, Kevin and Staney, Chelsea: A 22-year-old Division I Lacrosse Athlete with Crohn's and Ulcerative Collitis: A Case Study
Faculty Sponsor - Leah Pouilot

Cotellessa, Danielle: Diagnosis of Snapping Hip Syndrome Associated with Acetabular Labral Tear: A Case Study
Faculty Sponsor - Leah Pouilot

Experimental Research Poster
Magrum, Sean: Effect of Mammalian Hormones on Plant Development
Faculty Sponsor - Susan Keys

Graber, Sara and Cunningham, Sue: Synthesis of Epoxeynone
Faculty Sponsor - Marisa Blauvelt

Analytical Research Poster
Alix, laurend, Allison, Ryan and Baglow, Brittany: The Ethics of Physician Assisted Suicide
Faculty Sponsor - Daniel Goldstein

Vollaro, Timothy and Visconti, Bradley: Is it Worth Buying Organic Produce Instead of Conventional Grown Produce on the Basis of Pesticide Residues and Health Risk
Faculty Sponsor - Richard Wood

Conference Paper
Felisko, Justin: The Preferred Style: The Associated Press Stylebook's Attempt at Desensitizing the Identity Issue
Faculty Sponsor - Rebecca Lartigue

Coffey, Kristen: Faulkner and Morrison: A Comparison of Modern and Postmodern Relationships
Faculty Sponsor - Allie Eaton

Dobrynski, Michael: The Land of Opportunity
Faculty Sponsor - Rebecca Lartigue
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