Click here if you are not redirected. “The Career Center has provided many opportunities for me to learn more about myself and how to positively network with others. Between job fairs, workshops, resumes and job applications, I felt prepared to use the tools and skills I learned from the staff at the Career Center to further my academic and professional qualifications in the future. The Career Center has unlimited resources that allowed me to go above and beyond my goals as a student, a professional and a person.”

Katie Ward, 2011, Applied Exercise Science

"The Career Center was an invaluable resource throughout my job search process from start to finish. The care and commitment shown by the professionals in the office helped me not lose motivation and want to keep in pursuit. This drive along with the expert advice provided helped me land a job in a tough market. I encourage every student to use this precious resource!"

Christopher F. Ferraro, 2011, SPA

"Through working with the Career Center, I was able to figure out a new plan that actually worked for me. My career counselor made me feel comfortable and helped me clarify which path I wanted to follow after graduation. With a file cabinet filled with practical handouts, focused individual attention and consistent encouragement, the staff gave me the ultimate career preparation experience. The services provided by the Career Center equipped me with the confidence and ability to land my very first career as a federal employee. Mock interviews, weekly appointments, resume development, connecting with alumni in my area of interest, salary negotiations, and even making my final decision to accept a position with the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veterans Service Representative, were conducted with the guidance of my wonderful career counselor. I also even won a free lunch through their monthly drawing and was granted a fifty dollar stipend towards my career advancement with their Professional Development Scholarship. Such a positive experience has now connected me as an alumnus to help future undecided students who may be interested in pursuing careers with the government."

Kaitlin Conron 2010, GEST"

Springfield College’s Career Center aided my transition from a college student to a successful, professional. Throughout my college experience, the SC Career Center has provided me assistance by editing my resumes for scholarships, finding jobs within the greater Springfield community, and contacting alumni’s for housing during my clinical affiliations. The Counselors also guided me on the values of responsibility, reliability, and professionalism. These ethics were essential when it was time to make the leap from my clinical affiliations to becoming a licensed physical therapist. Through mock interviews and private meetings, the career center taught me how to advocate for myself. Without the help of Springfield College’s Career Center, I would not be working at the number 10th hospital in the country."

Ashley Burns, 2008, Physical Therapy

"The Career Center provided me with exceptional assistance in developing, writing, and critiquing a professional cover letter and resume which I have used to obtain my first position in occupational therapy.

The one on one sessions with a career advisor in conjunction with the Career Center’s excellent printed educational resources and samples, gave me the skills and confidence to revise and update my resume and write new cover letters as needed throughout my career.

In addition, as a non-traditional graduate student, the Career Center showed me how to strengthen my new resume by including relevant transferable skills from my past career experience."

Daniel Horsburgh, OTR/L , 2007, Occupational Therapy

"I would like to express my appreciation and thanks regarding Springfield’s Career Center. The representatives truly exhibit and reinforce Springfield’s philosophy “Mind, Body and Spirit by their professionalism, friendliness, and hands-on approach through email and phone conferences that explain in great detail the resume and cover letter writing process. I have truly benefited from this pleasant learning experience. I am more confident now knowing that I am equipped as a Springfield College graduate professional with the necessary tools such as: resume and cover letter knowledge and skills that will enable me to pursue various career opportunities. Now, I am ready for the world!"

Kimberly A. Stalley, 2007, MSHS

"As a sophomore I went into the Career Center with a lot of uncertainty and many questions surrounding my resume and cover letter. I not only walked out of my first session with the answers, but with a big smile on my face, a remarkable resource, and a great relationship with adults on campus that I knew instantly I could count on to be there for me! Throughout the next few years, I found myself stopping in to celebrate accomplishments as well as deal with struggles because the Career Center was full of adults who cared and took interest in me. I had always wished I went to the Career Center sooner and had that remarkable support as a freshman too!

As an RA, I found it extremely easy and beneficial to work hand-in-hand with the Career Center on programs tailored to students' needs throughout campus. The staff is unbelievable friendly, encouraging, and genuinely invested in the students. Whether it was follow-up emails, phone calls to check in, or a meeting during lunch or after hours to check in and see if I needed any more help with whatever it was I was planning or working on, is what really made the difference.

The Career Center is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals that put their heart and soul into students' and their futures. They work tirelessly to prepare us for life and allow us to put our best foot forward. It was always such an uplifting experience going into the office and greeted with many smiles and helping hands."

Angela G Atkins, 2009, Movement Sports Studies