Click here if you are not redirected. Personal Training Many applied exercise science and wellness graduates who enter the work force in the traditional commercial, agency and corporate fitness areas are finding opportunities to work with clients interested in personal one-on- one training. Exercise science professionals who have the technical skills and entrepreneurial interest and want to work be their own “boss’are starting their own Personal Training businesses. Trends in the Fitness Industry support that personal training ranging from those interested in general fitness to elite athletes, are looking for qualified and skilled personal trainers.

The Personal Training Specialization builds on the strong science based undergraduate applied exercise science program. The specialization is an interdisciplinary program including courses from the Management, Sport Management and Physical Education programs.

Concentration (18sh)
Students who choose this specialization will be encouraged to complete their final Internship (minimum of 450 hours) in a setting that supports use of their exercise and fitness skills as well as exposure to the business side of personal training.