This page has moved. Click here if you are not redirected Crane Lodge Why sit in a conference room somewhere, when you can be enjoying physical activity in the serene, wooded environment that East Campus has to offer?

Since it is supported by its primary function as a Springfield College student learning facility, East Campus offers quality programming at cost effective rates!

Encompassing 82 acres of forest and lakeshore terrain, East Campus supports a diversity of experiential options, from camping, outdoor recreation, adventure training, and team building programs to a summer day camp. Our facilities maintain a sense of rustic warmth and reinforce a feeling of departure from nearby urban life, and the “everyday” you. You might even bond with a duck or two on the lake, or (surprise!) even a coworker or classmate!

Crane Lodge The only authentic southwestern pueblo east of the Mississippi River, the 4,400 square-foot structure, the Pueblo of the Seven Fires, offers three lodges and kitchen facilities. Its design is adaptable to both large and small groups, with the added charm of seven unique fireplaces located throughout the building. (Just imagine cozying up in front of one of those!) Each of the lodges may be scheduled separately for smaller meetings, or the entire building can be reserved for large events. The Pueblo has hosted community gatherings, corporate retreats, class reunions, teacher in-services, and weddings. How’s that for versatility?

  Crane Lodge
Crane Lodge Crane Lodge

  Post Lodge
Post Post Lodge

  Reed Lodge
Reed Lodge Reed Lodge
  Robinson Room
Robinson Room

Challenge Course
Challenge Course One of the best courses of its kind in the Northeast, East Campus’ Challenge Course is the key element in team building activities. Built in the mid-1980s and renovated yearly, the course is approved by the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

The course currently offers 24 low and high elements, and we’re always finding ways to improve what we have to offer you. Experienced facilitators guide participants through a series of individual and group challenges that build trust, commitment, communication, and team-working skills.

Campfire East Campus provides 82 acres of forest ecosystem that include camping facilities, a mile of lake shoreline, seating for over 200 people in our council ring with a centrally located fire pit, a picnic grove, and a pavilion. The small sand beach and boathouse on our waterfront hold a number of canoes and rowboats which are perfect for ecological studies of the pond or simply for recreation. The picnic grove and Judd Pavilion offer groups the opportunity to have outdoor cookouts and social gatherings. So don’t forget the ketchup and mustard!

Picnic Grove, Judd Pavilion
Picnic Grove Judd Pavilion

Council Ring, Waterfront
Council Ring Waterfront

Disc Golf Course
Disc Golf Spread out across our 82 acres of property are two, 18 "hole" disc golf courses, which are free and open to the public. The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Score is determined by counting the total number of throws, the lowest score determines the winner. The player is provided with a teeing area from which to begin each hole and a target to complete the hole. Just like "real" golf, but cheaper!

Curious about the rules? Visit for more info or click to view the Professional Disc Golf Association's (PDGA) 2007 official rulebook.