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To comply with Massachusetts Department of Education regulations, students seeking elementary licensure must earn a bachelor's degree that includes an arts and sciences major, at least 36 hours of upper and lower-level arts and sciences coursework covering specific content, additional coursework to meet the subject matter knowledge requirements, and coursework to meet the professional standards for all teachers. Students in these programs complete one of the following arts and sciences majors.

  • English
  • Math & Computer Technology
  • American Studies

    In addition to the major, students complete one of two tracks: licensure in education or education in non-school settings. Springfield College also offers secondary education programs in the following majors: biology, English, history, and mathematics. In addition, students can prepare for licensure as a teacher of health studies, physical education, or visual arts.

    For more information about education programs contact Dr. Eileen Cyr, chairperson of the Education Department, at (413) 748-3295 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257.

    Related programs at Springfield College include: Psychology/Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education Licensure, Youth Development.

    For more information about the secondary education licensure program, visit the office of educator preparation and licensure. Student Interviews

    Updated: 11/02/2006

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