Click here if you are not redirected. Office of Student Activities and Campus Union
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 213/209 413.748.3141
The office actively supports the philosophy that student learning and development occurs through the co-curricular activities. Many opportunities exist for student participation in the planning and implementation of diverse social, cultural, recreational, educational, and leadership programs. Involvement in campus organizations, clubs, governing bodies, performing arts, and other student centered groups enables students to meet and interact with other students, apply classroom theories to real-life situations, acquire life-long skills and interests, learn more about themselves, and make valuable contributions to the college community.

Springfield College Welcome and Information Desk
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU Main Lobby 413.748.3000
Provides campus phone numbers for all faculty, staff and students of the College; sells tickets and provides information on college-sponsored events; provides discount movie passes to Basketball Hall of Fame, the BIG E, and Symphony Hall for students.

Student Organization Offices
Student Government Association (SGA) Office, Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 204, 413.748.3134
Massasoit Yearbook Office, Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 209, 413.748.3072
Campus Activities Board Office, Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 205, 413.748.3046
Student Club & Organization Center, Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 209 - this is a shared resource area for all of our student clubs and organizations that includes work space, meeting space, file storage, and equipment storage
Springfield Student Newspaper Office, Abbey-Appleton Hall Annex, 413.748.3132
WSCB Radio, Abbey-Appleton Hall Annex, 413.748.3153

Services from the Office of Student Activities & Campus Union
Bulletin Boards
There are boards throughout campus. Each board is designated for a specific item, such as books for sale, campus events, or community involvement. Materials for posting should be brought to the Office of Student Activities & Campus Union, Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 213/209, for approval and posting. All non-approved materials will be removed from bulletin boards.

Meeting Rooms
Rooms are available to be reserved by students, faculty or staff for meetings throughout the year. Reservations are made through the Office of Student Activities & Campus Union by calling x3144.

On-Campus Banking
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU First Floor adjacent to Union Station
Bank of America sponsors an automated teller machine (CIRRUS and NYCE network) that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week located just inside the doorway near the entrance to Public Safety.

Office of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 325/329 413.748.3100
The Division of Student Affairs works with students, faculty, and staff throughout the College to create and maintain programs and services that embrace our distinctive Humanics philosophy and facilitates the realization of the mission of Springfield College.  The Division is committed to establishing and sustaining an inclusive environment where every aspect of the campus community reflects a diverse, multicultural, and international world view.

Career Center
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 233 413.748.3222
The Career Center assists students of all classes and majors in making and managing career and life-planning decisions. Services and programs are intentionally focused on helping students become well-informed, skilled and confident in realizing their professional and personal aspirations. The Career Center provides individual career counseling, weekly Info Sessions, internship/job search assistance, graduate school advisement, and a variety of opportunities for career exploration. Additionally, the Career Center coordinates job fairs, employer visits, and special programs that assist students in successfully transitioning into the workplace. Visit for more information or call 413.748.3222.

Office of Housing and Residence Life
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 335 413.748.3102/3104
The Office of Housing and Residence Life has taken great care to provide students a living environment that is safe, healthy, and most of all, fun. Below, you will find some information about our residence halls, as well as important information regarding housing here at Springfield College.

Office of Spiritual Life
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 233 413.748.3208
The office of Spiritual Life supports the spiritual, educational and worship needs of the Springfield College community. We strive to provide direct assistance and access to students and staff of all spiritual and religious backgrounds through the work of the director and the associate ministers and in cooperation with spiritual centers and houses of worship in the greater Springfield area.

Office of Student Volunteer Programs
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 342-350 413.748.3394
The mission of the Office of Student Volunteer Programs is to educate students through community-based learning experiences in preparation for lives as active citizens and community leaders in service to humanity. In an effort to realize this mission, the Office of Student Volunteer Programs assists students in locating and organizing community service activities that further their educational experience.

Office of Multicultural Affairs
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 342-350 413.748.3249
The Multicultural Affairs Center is the campus resource and support facility for diversity concerns at Springfield College. The center works toward goals that are inclusive of all cultures, while influencing a campus environment that is supportive of differences. Since the college is strongly committed to diversity, MCA develops and coordinates support services for students from diverse backgrounds, with a strong emphasis on historically under-represented groups.

Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 342-350 413.748.3610
Springfield College is a leader in community collaborations designed to meet a variety of needs, especially those centered on youth. The Springfield College AmeriCorps Program provides direct services in the city of Springfield primarily in the targeted areas of education, youth development, health care, and other human needs. Eighty-five graduate students serve part-time, 900 hours of service, throughout the academic year. In some cases, AmeriCorps placements may be combined with practicum or fieldwork requirements. Members will serve in one of five categories, based on the best match between the organization’s service needs and the member’s knowledge and skills.

Doggett International Center and Study Abroad
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, CU 309 413.748.3215
The mission of the International Center at Springfield College is to foster the international character of the institution by promoting, supporting and developing a wide range of international and intercultural opportunities for all members of the Springfield College Community.

Springfield College Bookstore
Richard B. Flynn Campus Union, First Floor near Dunkin Donuts 413.748.3596
The Springfield College Bookstore is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm, Friday 8 am - 4 pm, and Saturdays and holiday weekends (except summer) 11 am to 4 pm. Available at the Bookstore are textbooks, trade books, health and beauty aids, clothing, cards and gifts, and school supplies. Several forms of payment are accepted, including cash, personal checks, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. You may also visit the bookstore on the web at

Post Office
Locklin Hall, Lower Level 413-748.3876
All full-time students are assigned a campus mailbox that they share with one or more students. Combinations or keys are available to the students assigned to the box from the Post Office Staff. Mailboxes should always be locked, since the Post Office is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. During the year, mail is picked up and sorted by the staff Monday through Saturday. The Post Office is also a full-service USPS contract station. Students can purchase a variety of postage stamps, stamped envelopes, and aerograms. Receiving and shipping of UPS, Federal Express, and USPS Express Mail is handled by the Mail Room. When a signature is required or a package is too large for a box, the Office Staff will put a package slip in the student’s box with notification that there is something to sign for. Campus Cards or legal picture ID must be presented when signing for all packages.