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What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a living-learning program that brings together students interested in developing and continuing their leadership involvements.

The ELP is based on the principles of the Humanics philosophy and Springfield College's holistic approach to education. The ELP is designed to give each student the opportunity to learn leadership concepts and skills through participation in a variety of interactive group and service projects, workshops, and presentations. The program provides students the opportunity to explore his or her own ideals of leadership, gain valuable experience in small, interactive group presentations and activities, to challenge the status-quo of involvement, and to create a leadership project based upon discussion and needs on campus and in the greater Springfield community.

Students wishing to participate in the program must complete the enclosed application, have a phone or campus interview, and agree to participate fully in the Emerging Leaders Program.

Where do members of the Emerging Leaders Program live?

The ELP is designed around developing a residential community in Gulick Hall, one of Springfield College's freshman residence halls. This serves to provide students with the opportunity to build relationships and reflect on shared experiences with other members of the program. Additionally, living in this community aids in the development of further connection to Springfield College and fellow students by providing opportunities for communication and reflection.

What does the Emerging Leaders Program consist of?

The ELP fosters discussions that focus on communication and the ability to make decisions, the importance of goal setting and time and stress management, as well as motivation and values. As a student in the ELP, you will be given the opportunity to discover what leadership means and to gain valuable knowledge and understanding needed to be successful in future leadership roles, both on campus and in the larger community.

Also each Emerging Leader student will be paired up with a mentor for the year. Mentors have participated in the program previously and are there to help the students throughout the year. The mentors are fully trained in order to help the students during their first year and develop into leaders.

How long does the Emerging Leaders Program last?

The ELP requires a full-year commitment; for the Fall 2008 semester, your commitment will include attendance and participation in monthly meetings, attendance at our Fall Retreat, maintaining a journal of involvement and reflection, and participation in the i-LEAD Leadership Workshop Series . For the Spring 2009 semester, your commitment will include an over night retreat, on-going meetings, the development of a Leadership Project, continued participation in the i-LEAD Leadership Workshop Series , and continuing your journal of involvement and reflection that will assist you in developing your Personal Leadership Statement.

We hope that you choose to participate in the Emerging Leaders Program, that you continue your involvement in leadership activities and programs, and that you fully participate in the extraordinary opportunities that Springfield College has to offer you.
This ELP is limited to 30 participants. Please contact Carl Stiles, Director of Student Activities & Campus Programs, at 413.748.3142 with any questions about the ELP. Internet Resources for Leadership