This page has moved. Click here if you are not redirected Biology and Chemistry This preprofessional program educates students in sports biology and prepares them for acceptance to health professions and graduate schools, as well as leadership roles in new careers in sports science and sports medicine. The program represents an expansion of the science program, which has a history of successfully placing students in health professions and graduate schools. In view of the reputation of the College in sports and the success the preprofessional science program has enjoyed, the program—which combines sports and sciences—is uniquely suited to Springfield College. It is tailored particularly to those students who have an interest in science and sports, but are as yet unsure of their professional career interests.

Biology and Chemistry For more information about the sports biology major, contact Dr. Julie Smist of the Chemistry/Biology Department at (413) 748-3382 or the Admissions Office at (800) 343-1257. Click here to
learn more about the program.