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About the Springfield College Calendar

The SC Calendar serves as a one-stop source of event information for Springfield College students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the Greater Springfield community. The primary goals of the Calendar are:
  1. to feature a comprehensive listing of events taking place on and off campus
  2. to serve as the primary source of campus events information
  3. to make changing venues and amendments to events easy
The Calendar, which is a link off the Springfield College Web site, provides detailed information concerning what, when, where, and who is sponsoring campus-related events.

The Springfield College Campus Calendar has been developed and is maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications. Free training is offered for those interested in learning more about how to use the Calendar.

The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to remove, change, or amend the information contained in the Calendar.

Indemnity and Damages:
The Calendar makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information. Information provided by user home pages or by links to other servers is not under editorial control of the Office of Marketing and Communications, and such information does not reflect official information or opinions of Springfield College.

Springfield College is not liable to any person who may suffer loss or damages of any type arising from the use of any information contained in the Calendar.

Services Offered by Posting Your Event on the College Calendar
Why publicize your events, such as lectures and workshops, fundraising projects, meetings, socials, presentations, and productions, on the Calendar? Because the Calendar connects you to the Springfield College community and can give your event greater visibility:
  1. Events may be highlighted on the College’s homepage
  2. Event information may be included in the College’s News Sheet
  3. Events may be covered by the news media
NOTE: To be considered for these services, events must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event date. The News Sheet is published every other week.

Submission Policy
College schools, departments, offices, and registered student organizations are allowed to submit information to the Calendar. Authorized personnel (referred to as authors) from these areas will have direct access to submit information via authorization codes. Sponsors of campus events are responsible for the accuracy of information submitted for inclusion on the Springfield College campus calendar. To request authorized access to the Event Calendar submission form, e-mail webmaster@spfldcol.edu.

Submissions will be reviewed and/or edited prior to posting. If inappropriate material is posted, submittal privileges may be terminated. Postings cannot include profanity, references to alcoholic beverages or drugs, sexually explicit material, or material contrary to the mission of Springfield College. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submission.

Registered Student Organizations:
Registered student organizations submit information to the Office of Student Activities.

A quick overview of the online submission process:

Posting time of submissions
Event submissions are reviewed before they are posted to the Calendar. Most events are posted within hours of their submission; please allow 24 to 36 hours for posting if submission is done in the late afternoon, weekends, or during a holiday period.

Calendar Guidelines
Events Appropriate for Inclusion on the Calendar:

The College community is encouraged to submit campus-sponsored events to the Calendar. Off-campus events may be posted as long as they are an official event of a campus organization. Additional information about an event can be supplied through URL links or e-mail addresses.

  • The event must be sponsored by a Springfield College school, department, program, or student club or organization.
  • The event posting must include all pertinent information, including event title, date, time, location, contact person, admission fee, etc.
Please note that the event calendar system is NOT an event management or event scheduling system. The event sponsor must confirm all event information regarding location, room, speaker, etc., before submitting and posting the event to the Event Calendar.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the College Event Calendar

What is the College Event Calendar?
The College Event Calendar highlights events from the various schools, departments, offices, programs, organizations, and clubs that are of interest to the Springfield College community and the public.

What types of events are appropriate for posting to the College Event Calendar?
Generally, events that are open to the Springfield College community and the public are appropriate for posting. Events must be sponsored by a Springfield College school, department, office, program, organization, or recognized student club. Selected private events (attendance by invitation only) may also be posted at the discretion of the College Event Calendar administrator. Private events that may be appropriate for inclusion are activities that promote important initiatives at the College, such as conferences or speakers with national prominence.

All events submitted for posting to the Calendar must detail all pertinent information, including event title, date, time, location, contact person, admission fee, etc.

How do I submit an event to the College Event Calendar?
Each school, administrative unit, and department must have a designated calendar administrator. The calendar administrator will be given access to the Events Calendar System through his or her user ID and password. The calendar administrator can submit an event for posting on the Calendar by completing an electronic event submission form. Events submitted and approved will generally appear on the Calendar within 24 hours.

Before a local calendar administrator can submit an event for promotion to the College Event Calendar, the administrator must confirm all details, such as room confirmation, speaker approvals, date, and time. Schools, administrative units, and departments may require events to be approved locally by a senior manager—such as a department chair or a unit's director—before the calendar administrator submits an event for posting to the College Event Calendar.

When will events be posted to the Springfield College Event Calendar?
Approved events will be posted to the College Event Calendar within 24 hours of submission. The Calendar administrator reviews requests to promote events each weekday. If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, the local calendar administrator will be notified and given information that either explains why the event cannot be posted or asks for more information. Please note that publication of events is at the discretion of the College Event Calendar administrator.

How do I change event information once an event has been posted to the College Event Calendar?
The calendar administrator can resubmit previously submitted events. Since this will generate a new event on the Calendar, the Calendar administrator must be notified to delete the original event OR your event will posted twice with both sets of information. A change of venue, date, time, or scope must be confirmed with the appropriate parties before the local calendar administrator submits the change to the Calendar.

What time period will the Springfield College Event Calendar cover?
The Calendar will list events from the current date up to two years forward. Events posted on the Calendar will continue to appear on the calendar for a one-year period from the date posted. Users can search for past events in the same manner as they do for upcoming events.

How do I contact the Calendar administrator?
E-mail the calendar editor at webmaster@spfldcol.edu

If my school, office, department, or program already has a calendar, why do we need to convert to the Event Calendar System?
While no area is required to use the Event Calendar System, it will be the only mechanism that will allow you to promote events from your local calendar to the College Event Calendar. In order to make the College Event Calendar as comprehensive as possible, we encourage all areas within Springfield College to use the Event Calendar System.

Filling Out the Entry Form:

Password Issues:
If you have reset your user name and password from the original username and password combination that was given to you, please follow these steps to make sure the calendar database has your most recent information. First, visit the mySCweb page by clicking here.

Once you access that page, click on Retrieve forgotten or failed account information and follow the instructions on that page. The system will ask you to change your password. Feel free to enter the same password you currently use because you are only updating the password recordset that the online calendar will use.

You must write the title of your event in this field. Visitors of the Springfield College online calendar will see the title of the event as they browse all of the events listed in the online calendar database.

You may use this field to add a subtitle to your event. Visitors of our online calendar will see this field only when they click on your event to learn more.

Start Date/End Date
The next fields on the calendar entry form deal with the start date of your event. Enter the day your event begins and ends. If the event spans multiple days (for instance, SOAR lasts two weeks) you would put the start date of June 12 and have it end on June 23.

Start Time/End Time
The next fields on the calendar entry form deal with the start time of your event. Enter the time your event begins and ends. Please be sure to indicate the hours and minutes of your event by using the drop-down menus.

Category Information:
The next fields deal with category information to be used as search keywords and sorting events by categories. There are 6 categories: General Interest, Student Life, Schools, Athletics, Cultural Events, and Alumni Events.

Registration Required/SC ID Required:
If you have chosen a “private” listing, you must indicate whether an SC ID is required, or pre-registration is required.

You must specify where the event is taking place.

You must enter a description about the event.

Ticket Price:
If you event has an admissions fee, enter it here. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Sponsoring Office:
Write the name of your office or the office sponsoring the event here.

Contact Name:
Place the contact person’s name here.

Contact Number:
Place the contact person or office telephone number here.

Contact e-mail:
Place the contact e-mail here.
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