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Men's Soccer Recruit Form

If you look at recruiting as a “fact finding mission,” that allows for the sharing of information in order to choose the institution that best meets your academic, social, athletic and economic needs, then hopefully, you will be able to look back on this process as valuable tool that helped guide you in making an informed decision.

1. Complete our Recruiting Questionnaire. Fill out the recruiting form below thoroughly so we will have your information on hand. In addition, feel free to contact the Springfield College coaching staff at at springfieldmenssoccer@gmail.com if there are any questions.

2. Attend camp. Come to our August Mini Camp from August 9th to the 12th. Attending camp is the best way for our coaches to evaluate your potential to play here at Springfield while allowing them a chance to get to know you on a personal level. To learn more about the camp, click here.

3. Come visit. Contact Coach Steffen Siebert at springfieldmenssoccer@gmail.com with some anticipated dates. Coach Siebert will confirm availability which will then allow you the chance to schedule an interview and campus tour through our Admission’s Office (800.343.1257). Coach Siebert and his staff are available throughout the year and are happy to meet with prospects individually in the soccer office. Please anticipate spending about three hours during a complete visit.

4. Send a video. Send a game or highlight tape of you playing in a competitive environment. The coaching staff makes every effort to see every prospect play but the reality is that it doesn’t always work out so a video is very important in this situation.

Mail to:
Steffen Siebert
263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA 01109-3797

5. See the team play. You want to see the style, atmosphere, coaching and competitive nature of the team? Then check out the schedule and come watch the team play. Let Coach Siebert know in advance so either him or his staff can meet you at the end of the game.

Timing: The soccer staff attends games in the spring and summer months of a player's junior year, as well as their fall season in order to evaluate their potential. By establishing a relationship early in the process it allows the coaching staff and the recruit to become more educated about each other, thus allowing a more informed decision.

Think you're ready to play for Springfield men's soccer? Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

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