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Athletic Staff
Cathie Schweitzer
Director of Athletics
748-3333 athleticdirector@springfieldcollege.edu
Craig Poisson
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
748-3166 cpoisson@springfieldcollege.edu
Kiki Jacobs
Associate Director of Athletics
748-3334 kjacobs@springfieldcollege.edu
Brian Magoffin
Director of Sports Communications
748-3341 bmagoffin@springfieldcollege.edu
Pam McCray
Assistant Director of Sports Communications
748-5416 pmccray@springfieldcollege.edu
Barclay Dugger
Head Athletic Trainer
748-3650 rdugger@springfieldcollege.edu
Brian Thompson
Director of Strength & Conditioning
748-3495 bathomps@springfieldcollege.edu
Janiece Holder
Equipment & Facilities Supervisor
748-3412 jholder@springfieldcollege.edu
Kevin Carneiro
Assistant Equipment & Facilities Supervisor
748-3410 kcarneir@springfieldcollege.edu
Erica Hollot
Recruiting/Retention Coordinator
748-3657 ehollot@springfieldcollege.edu
Deb Newbrough
Administrative Assistant
748-3333 dnewbrou@springfieldcollege.edu
Claire Mickiewicz
Administrative Assistant
748-3332 cmickiew@springfieldcollege.edu
JJ Archibald
Teaching Fellow
748-3484 jarchibald@springfieldcollege.edu
Samantha Avery
Teaching Fellow
748-3756 savery2@springfieldcollege.edu
Ron Guido
Teaching Fellow
748-3484 rguido@springfieldcollege.edu
Darius Rose
Teaching Fellow
748-3756 drose2@springfieldcollege.edu

Coaching Staff
Mark Simeone
748-3274 msimeone@springfieldcollege.edu
Field Hockey
Melissa Sharpe
748-3167 msharpe@springfieldcollege.edu
Mike Delong
748-3156 mdelong@springfieldcollege.edu
Jack Holik
748-3157 jholik@springfieldcollege.edu
Mike Cerasuolo
748-3234 mcerasuo@springfieldcollege.edu
Joe Eadie
748-5418 jeadie@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Basketball
Charlie Brock
748-3229 cbrock@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Cross Country
Bryan Brown
748-5418 bbrown5@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Diving
Pete Avdoulos
748-3445 pavdoulos@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Gymnastics
Steve Posner
748-3357 sposner@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Lacrosse
Keith Bugbee
748-3154 kbugbee@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Soccer
Steffen Siebert
748-3368 ssiebert@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Swimming
John Taffe
748-3169 jtaffe@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Tennis
Toby Coffin
748-3760 jcoffin@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Track and Field
Ken Klatka
748-3230 kklatka@springfieldcollege.edu
Men's Volleyball
Charlie Sullivan
748-3850 csulliva@springfieldcollege.edu
Julie Perrelli
748-3127 softball@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Basketball
Naomi Graves
748-3415 ngraves@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Cross Country
Jim Pennington
748-3351 jpenning@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Diving
Pete Avdoulos
748-3445 pavdoulos@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Gymnastics
Cheryl Raymond
748-3363 craymond@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Lacrosse
Kristen Mullady
748-3173 kmullady@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Soccer
John Gibson
748-3170 jgibson@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Swimming
John Taffe
748-3169 jtaffe@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Tennis
Toby Coffin
748-3760 jcoffin@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Track and Field
Jim Pennington
748-3351 jpenning@springfieldcollege.edu
Women's Volleyball
Moira Long
748-3438 mlong@springfieldcollege.edu
Jason Holder
748-3276 jholder2@springfieldcollege.edu

Athletic Facilities
Stagg Field 748-3246
Berry-Allen Field 748-3718
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Please be advised that no pets shall be brought onto or permitted on any athletic field or playing surface and its immediate surroundings. Seeing eye and assist dog(s) may be permitted on athletic grounds with their owner(s).
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