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Springfield's Evans Wins His Second USA Gymnastics Men's National Individual Title in Two Nights

Ty Evans, Head Coach Steve Posner, Jimmy Pezzino Floor Exercise Results
Pommel Horse Results
Still Rings Results
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High Bar Results

Springfield, Mass. -- March 26, 2011 -- After winning the all-around last night, Ty Evans of Springfield College won his second national individual title, this one in the high bar, at the USA Gymnastics championships tonight at Blake Arena, his own home court. SC's Jimmy Pezzino won the floor exercise, while Air Force won the other four titles -- James Okamoto in the pommel horse, Nash Mills in the still rings and parallel bars, and Tory Brown in the vault.

Several more special awards were also handed out this evening. The 2011 USAG Coaches of the Year were Dr. Steve Posner of Springfield College (varsity level) and Scott Barclay of Arizona State (club level).

Shown in the photo above are SC's Ty Evans, Head Coach Steve Posner, and Jimmy Pezzino.

The 2011 USAG Assistant Coaches of the Year included Jeff Robinson and Chuck Schweiss of Air Force (varsity), and Rob Survick and Evan Shaw of Arizona State (club).

And finally, the 2011 USAG Senior Gymnasts of the Year included Nash Mills of Air Force (varsity) and Kenny Byrd of Brockport (club).

After Air Force won the team title last night, the Air Force Academy individuals took center stage this evening.

The following TOP SIX individuals became ALL-AMERICANS tonight in the six individual events. They included:

Floor Exercise
1) Jimmy Pezzino, Springfield (15.050)
T2) Dylan Parrot , Navy (14.600),
T2) Coltun Wulf, Air Force (14.600)
4) Tory Brown, Air Force (14.300)
5) Chase Brown, Army (14.150)
T6) Riley Barclay, Arizona State (13.800)
T6) Andy Hunter, William & Mary (13.800)
8) Vince Smurro, William & Mary (13.650)

Pommel Horse
1) James Okamoto, Air Force (14.250)
2) Garrek Hojan-Clark, Army (14.000)
3) Andrew Faulk, Navy (13.450)
4) Andy Hunter, William & Mary (13.400)
5) Joe Carlson, Springfield (13.200)
6) Daniel Potemski, William & Mary (12.550)
7) Jon Hoey, Army (12.500)
8) Brett Lazarus, MIT (11.600)

Still Rings
1) Nash Mills, Air Force (15.300)
T2) Jake Shapiro, MIT (14.800)
T2) Jared Breeden, Army (14.800)
4) Ryan Ponce, Springfield (14.600)
5) Steve Deutsch, William & Mary (14.300)
6) Alex Gaudaur, Arizona State (14.150)
7) Cody Payne, Arizona State (13.500)
8) Devin Menefee, Air Force (12.450)

1) Tory Brown, Air Force (15.700)
T2) Andrew Faulk, Navy (15.650)
T2) Daniel Potemski, William & Mary (15.650)
4) Ty Evans, Springfield (15.600)
5) Ben Zaiser, Air Force (15.500)
6) Jimmy Pezzino, Springfield (15.200)
7) Josh Bradley, Arizona State (14.300)
8) Kip Webber, Army (12.600)

Parallel Bars
1) Nash Mills, Air Force (14.600)
2) Ty Evans, Springfield (14.500)
3) Andrew Faulk, Navy (14.200)
4) Andy Hunter, William & Mary (14.150)
5) Dylan Parrot, Navy (14.000)
6) Matt Thorne, Air Force (13.900)
7) Alex Gaudaur, Arizona State (13.750)
8) Nick Fettinger, Army (13.650)

High Bar
1) Ty Evans, Springfield (14.350)
T2) Andrew Faulk, Navy (14.300)
T2) Coltun Wulf, Air Force (14.300)
4) Tory Brown, Air Force (14.200)
5) Andy Hunter, William & Mary (13.850)
6) Garrett DeSantis, Springfield (13.400)
7) Vince Smurro, William & Mary (13.200)
8) Lee Wilkerson, Arizona State (13.100)
9) Yusuke Nemoto, Brockport (12.450)

For Springfield College's Evans, his two titles were added to a third USAG title that he won in the vault in 2009.

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