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Good Neighbors and Partners

Springfield College students, staff, and faculty are an integral part of the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. The College has been recognized nationally for its community engagement initiatives and partnerships with the city. For its efforts, Springfield College has earned the distinction of being cited as one of the 25 “Best Neighbor” urban colleges by the president of the New England Board of Higher Education.

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Humanics in ActionSpringfield College makes an enormous economic impact on the city and neighborhood community, purchasing $43 million in goods and services from Greater Springfield and spending $2 million on outreach programs such as AmeriCorps and the ProHill Initiative. In 2006 and in 2007, the College received the Super 60 Award, an annual award that recognizes the top businesses in the region that make significant contributions to the strength of the regional economy.

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But Springfield College's impact has reaches beyond dollars and cents. For the last ten years, as part of the College’s annual Humanics in Action Day in September, 1,800 volunteers from the College have canvassed the neighboring communities and done everything from cleaning parks to reading to children.

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Reading to elementary studentsStudent-led volunteer programs, such as L.I.V.E (Leaders In Volunteer Experiences) and the PRIDE Literacy Awards Program, make a significant impact in Springfield neighborhoods by tutoring elementary students, visiting with the elderly, serving at soup kitchens, instilling a love of reading for elementary schoolchildren, and more.

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In addition, Springfield College:

  • Ranks 12th in the nation among private colleges that allocate federal funds to community-oriented work-study and internship placements. Annually, more than 700 of Springfield College’s students are placed in organizations where they make a difference in the community.
  • Makes a local impact in the neighborhood by way of the ProHill initiative and AmeriCorps. ProHill stands for the Partnership for the Renewal of Old Hill, and is a tandem effort between the city and College aimed at transforming Old Hill into a model of infrastructure, safety, owner-occupied housing, educational resources, and recreational spaces. Through partnership with AmeriCorps, Springfield College’s students spend thousands of hours working in community agencies to help youth and adults who may be in need of assistance.
  • Provides use of the College’s facilities to numerous community organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, and the American Lung Association. The College also hosts the annual Girls and Women in Sports Day.
  • YMCA LogoEnjoys longstanding partnerships with organizations such as the YMCA. Through the College’s YMCA Club, students interact and lend their support to local youth through involvement in teen programs, volunteer activities, and fund-raising events.

Approximately 300 Springfield College faculty, staff and employees are proud to call the “City of Homes” their own home. In addition, the College’s president and vice president of student affairs live on the Springfield College campus.
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