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At Springfield College, you'll belong to a community of people just like you, people who want to enter careers that will allow them to positively impact the lives of others.

Learn how our graduate students are working toward doing just that.

Graduate Admissions

Springfield College actively seeks to enroll men and women of distinguished academic ability who wish to establish or enhance a career of service to others as evidenced by significant and appropriate cocurricular activities.

The College is concerned, and has been since its founding more than 100 years ago, with the development and education of the complete person—the spirit, the mind, and the body—to build character as well as professional competence in individuals so they may better serve the communities of the world.

While different schools and departments offer and supervise graduate programs at Springfield College, the programs are coordinated by the Office of Graduate Studies. A Graduate Council, chaired by the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, establishes the policies governing all graduate work at the College. Graduate programs are, in turn, coordinated through the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, along with the College’s general programs, policies, and philosophy of education.


  • Degree Graduate Student
A degree graduate student is someone who has earned a bachelor’s degree and who has been accepted for admission to a particular program of graduate study leading to an appropriate degree or certificate at Springfield College.
  • Non-matriculated (Nondegree) Graduate Student
A student who has not been admitted to a graduate program but wishes to take graduate courses is required to file a non-matriculated student application, along with transcripts demonstrating receipt of a bachelor’s degree. Non-matriculated students may be admitted to those courses for which they have the prerequisites, with the approval of the faculty members who teach the courses and with the Office of the Registrar authorization. Since no more than twelve semester hours of credit taken as a non-matriculated student prior to admission to graduate study may be applied toward the master’s degree, students interested in working toward a degree should apply for graduate standing as soon as possible. Non-matriculated students who seek financial assistance for the term in which they are enrolled, must apply for and be accepted into a degree program by the following deadlines:
  • October 1 for the Fall Semester
  • February 15 for the Spring Semester
  • June 1 for the Summer Semester
Non-matriculated students who are accepted to a degree program after these deadlines will not be considered a degree student or qualify for financial assistance until the start of the next semester. The major departments evaluate the work taken previously concerning its applicability within the degree program and specify how much, if any, will be accepted toward degree requirements.
(Note: This option is not available in Social Work.)


The program of study for each graduate student is developed in consultation with his or her major advisor in accordance with the requirements for a degree or certificate in each major program, with primary consideration of individual needs and professional objectives.

The various programs on the graduate level aim to prepare students to become professionals competent in their fields, liberal in their educational outreach, aware of their “citizenship” in an expanding world, and motivated to serve society. Every effort is made to meet the special needs of each graduate student. Arrangements can be made for a student to take courses in different majors. Encouragement is given to students for independent study and creative effort. Flexibility of requirements is provided when appropriate, and an atmosphere conducive to advanced study, research, and personal growth is created not only in the student’s formal education program but also in the cocurriculum.

Reasonable accommodations are provided for students with disabilities on the basis of need if the disabilities are documented with appropriate evaluations administered by qualified professionals such as psychologists, medical doctors, or agencies specializing in the diagnosis of such disabilities.

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